Star Seer

Writer. Web designer. Artist. Programmer-in-training. Child of the web. Fantasy lover. Trans. Otherkin. Polyamorus. Weird.

You've found the website of Star Seer. I'm a self-study student/amateur web designer focusing on minimalist designs, with the mentality of simplicity in everything. I enjoy asthetics along with function, and I try to balance the two with my designs.

I have an interest in CSS and layout, as well as document structure through HTML and CSS. I'm also interested in the EPUB spec, both as a designer and as a writer.

I've been a fan of the web since the 90s, and I don't see that changing, but I don't wish to get into professional web design. Instead, I plan on making my dream of becoming an author a reality.

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@StarSeerPony on Twitter

Star's main Twitter account. Public, and mostly random thoughts about technology.

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@reihanfeoru on Twitter

Star's private Twitter account. Protected, rather NSFW, and heavily curated in regards to followers. Mostly thoughts about alternative lifestyles, and lewd thoughts.

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@codebalion on Flickr

Star's photos on Flickr.

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Reihanfeoru's Blog on Dreamwidth

Star's main blog, until she can set up Dreamwidth on her own server. Personal thoughts, thoughts on tech, etc…