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Writer. Web designer. Artist. Programmer-in-training. Child of the web. Fantasy lover. Trans. Otherkin. Polyamorus. Weird.

Teradyne Ezeri (Tera for short, not current legal name, but real name) is an amateur web designer focusing on minimalist designs, with the mentality of simplicity in everything. While she enjoys asthetics along with function, she tries to balance the two with her designs.

Teradyne is primarily a fiction writer, focusing on fantasy and sci-fantasy stories. Her "Delta Worlds" multiverse, while still under development, is where most of her stories will take place. Many of her stories will feature erotica where applicable, as part of the story itself, rather than as the focus.

In her spare time, Teradyne enjoys spending time with her boyfriends, reading fiction, gaming, listening to music, and reading more about older web technologies that she once used (BBS, Usenet, etc…). She's also an artist, enjoying what little time she has to sketch and draw traditionally.

When it comes to tech, Teradyne prefers MacOS and Windows 7 for desktops, and iOS for mobile. She's also a fan of Scrivener, TextMate, Firefox (Developer Edition), Safari (Technical Preview), XMPP, IRC, Apple Pages, and Microsoft Office 2011 for Mac (2007 for Windows).